how works Pikavu locator

Pikavú, localizador express para niños. Consta de un Reloj GPS que lleva el niño, y de un Receptor Portable que tiene el padre, que ayuda a localizar al niño rápidamente.
Localiza sin limite de distancia, en cualquier lugar, de una forma rápida y efectiva.

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The Pikavú express locator consists of two devices: a GPS wristwatch for the child and a portable receiver for their parents or caregiver.
Pikavú will pinpoint the child's position quickly and accurately, no matter how far apart the watch and receiver are from eachother.

Pikavú allows you to locate your child promptly so that you can avoid threatening situations that come your way.

How does it work?

Pikavú is very simple device to handle. You just have to press the "Locate" button on the receiver and the child’s position will be displayed on the screen so that you can know exactly where they are and how to find them.

Turn on you receiver Turn on the child's watch Press locate and the position will be displayed at screen over a map.

Benefits of using Pikavú

GPS wristwatch

  • Pikavú has a very attractive design that is well accepted by children.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Safety Lock: The watch cannot be removed by the child or other children while playing.
  • Alert button: By holding down the alarm button for 5 seconds an alarm will be sent to the portable receiver notifying the parent of a possible emergency.

Portable Receiver

  • Locating in open fields. The Pikavú has a map screen that shows you arrows so you know which direction you are going in and which direction you need to be going in. By following these arrows it will take you right up to where your child is located.
  • Multiple watch localization system. This function enables you to monitor several.
  • Pikavú wristwatches at the same time with just one portable receiver.
  • Updated map. Since your position is shown in relation to the child, as you get closer the map will continuously update your position.

Other functions

  • Express positioning system.
  • After pressing the “locate” button, your child´s position will be displayed within 1 minute so you can find them as soon as possible.

  • Two Colors
  • There are two options: a pink watch for girls and a blue one for boys (inquiries from clients helped us decide these models)

  • Very intuitive and easy interface.
  • This makes the localization a very easy task, especially in critical moments.

  • 4 positioning systems
  • Thanks to the advanced technology used by Pikavú, locating is even possible inside the buildings. In case there isn´t GPS available, other positioning systems will automatically be activated so that surveillance is assured.

  • Long battery life
  • 3,5 days.

how works Pikavu locator