Pikavú, localizador express para niños. Consta de un Reloj GPS que lleva el niño, y de un Receptor Portable que tiene el padre, que ayuda a localizar al niño rápidamente.
Localiza sin limite de distancia, en cualquier lugar, de una forma rápida y efectiva.

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VISION Localization Systems is a pioneer in the research, design and comercialization of miniaturized locators for people with a high risk of wandering.

Since 2004, we have decided to work on social projects focusing our efforts in finding solutions for people with location problems that need to be solved. That is why VISION Localization Systems initially concentrated in developing a special designed locator for people with Alzheimer’s disease: Keruve Family Direct Locator ( http://www.keruve.com).

Vision Localization Systems develops its own technology from continuous research of customers needs and the state of the art. Additionally, VISION Localization Systems has its products protected by international patents that reinforce its preferential position in the market.

As technology moves forward, we are quick to find new solutions for the daily problems that arise. Personal localization systems are going to mean a big change in today’s society and our company is ahead of the innovation in this field.

We enjoy developing products that help people and solve their problems. This same motivation moves our providers and collaborators as we continue forward.